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Missouri Campers on Mission Spring Fall 2019

Pulaski County Baptist Camp 

Waynesville, MO

September 16-20, 2019

Pastor Ap’preach’iation

Romans 10:14-15

Directions: For those of you using GPS, the coordinates are: (37.7800 -92.2556).  The physical address is: 26224 Silver Lane, Waynesville, MO 65712.

  • From Lebanon: Take I-44 East to Buckhorn Exit #153. Turn right on to Hwy 17,then take an immediate left on to Spruce Road; go approximately 7 tenths of a mile to Silver Lane, turn right
  • From Cuba: Take I-44 West to Waynesville/Ft. Leonard Wood exit #156. Turn left on Hwy H, cross I-44, turn right on Spruce Road (S outer road), go west 2.3 miles to Silver Lane, turn left

Arrival Time: Your wagon masters will be preparing the camp on Friday. Please give them time to get things set up. You are welcome to come ANY TIME on Saturday. Sunday arrivals begin at NOON.

RV Facilities: We will have electricity, water, and a central disposal for sewer.  PLEASE PLAN TO BRING PLENTY OF YOUR OWN WATER HOSES AND WATER “Y’S” to connect to the water supply. It is also helpful if you would bring wood or blocking for leveling.

Housing: There are several rooms available with bathrooms, some of which are already spoken for, two bedrooms in d.o.m.’s house, 6 cabins with only stool and sink and 14 bunks, showers in big building close by, 4 dorm rooms with 22 bunks, no bathrooms in room but showers and stools located downstairs. Call my cell phone 417.846.3816 as having trouble with house phone. Linda Ball

Registration: Wagon masters’ wives will meet you with registration forms as you enter camp. They will be on duty Saturday from 10-4, Sunday 12-4. There will be a box in the worship center Sunday and Monday to drop your forms. Please remember that your liability form must be signed before you can work on Monday morning. Wagon masters’ wives will be available to help you with any questions concerning your paperwork or camp layout.

Meals: Weather permitting, we will have a bonfire at 6:00 Saturday evening with hot dogs, marshmallows and onion rings provided. Bring your own drink and a lawn chair. In the event of unfavorable weather, we will meet in the dining hall. We will be responsible for our own breakfasts and lunch, however, supper Monday through Friday will be graciously provided by churches in the association. For those staying in cabins/rooms, the kitchen crew will provide space for you to place food that needs to be refrigerated. Please mark all your refrigerated items plainly.

Crafts: If you are interested in joining the craft group, please come and join us in the multipurpose building. We have a great time creating fun items and visiting with each other. We could use a few empty paper towel rolls this time. New ideas are always welcomed. We are looking forward to seeing all old and new friends.  Wilma Grant

Sewing: The countdown to the fall rally has begun. I’m looking forward to seeing all my sewing buddies.The ladies at FBC Shelbina have been diligently making twin size quilts this summer for the Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch. I am proud to announce that while there, Mary Lou Hulsebus earned her MPCM (master pillow case maker) degree and she has offered to use her expertise to make pillow cases to go with our donation quilts. If you have extra fabric that matches a quilt you are planning to make, please bring it for Lou. The fabric requirements are: 27” by width of fabric (wof) for the case; 9” by wof for the cuff 3”; by wof for the flange.  If you have any questions, call or text me at 417-846-3120.  Linda Thomas

Work projects: Looking forward to working together again. This is a new camp tomost of us and there will be some work at the camp and other work at associational churches. There will be painting, replacing stairs, prepare and pour concrete slab, replace garage door opener, replace electrical lines from meter to building, replace and paint camp sign, paint flag poles, pour and complete small ramp, replace guttering. Churches are 1-14 miles away. Replace window, painting, carpet installed, roof re-shingled (44 square) removing old ones, ramp completed and painted, soffit and facia boards repaired, remove wall between kitchen and class room, install kitchen cabinets, electrical outlets, leaking roof to fix, polly put on wall coverings, dry wall ceiling with fan design. Come prepared with tools.  Denny Ball

Woodworking: Here it is almost time for more sawdust and fun. We will be putting wheels on cars and trucks this time. Also, we will be making bird houses to sell if there’s interest. Those we don’t sell can be put up around the camp. Bring your ideas, sanders and band saws. We will start slow and then taper off!! Ha. Call me if you have any questions.   Roger Jeffries (573-099-4448)

Refreshments: Well, friends, it is about that time again – the fall COM rally. The foods committee is looking forward to seeing you at Pulaski County and is already starting to gear up for the event.  On Tuesday morning we will again serve sausage and biscuits. If you are new, you need to know to get there early because we have lots of people who LOVE this breakfast. Coffee and hot water will be available early every morning. We ask you to bring your own cups. There will be a few cups available for those who need them. Our guys, and some gals like to gather over a cup of coffee and talk before going off to chapel and work. At this point we are still planning on serving just mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. The camp usually serves the evening meals. Don't forget to bring some plates and utensils for each family member just in case they are needed, which they usually aren't.  As usual, we will be looking forward to receiving your culinary donations. We like to have a variety of homemade candy, cookies, breads, brownies, etc. We also appreciate receiving fruits like apples, peaches, bananas and grapes (or any other fresh fruits.) Please bring the donations to the kitchen when one of the committee members is around or on Monday and sign our donation sheets. (We use these in case we have questions about ingredients.) On the breads and cookies, we need to know if they contain nuts and what kind of nuts and what kind of bread. Labels help. If you use Splenda in your preparation, we also need to know because we have a few people who are highly allergic to it. We also like to know if you would like your container(s) returned. A neat trick one of  the ladies from my church uses is to attach one of those return mailing labels to each one of her containers. We try to use labeled containers first so that we can get them back to you in case you are leaving early.  We also appreciate other snack donations. Chips, salsa, eggs, vegetables, cheeses, crackers - we use them all. We like to see if we can creatively use everything that is donated and accept most challenges. (On one occasion we even made watercress salad, a first for me!) We are always open to suggestions for new snack ideas and recipes. If anyone wants to make a special treat, please let Cheryl and/or Pat know and we will line up help and ingredients.   See you next month!  Cheryl Rohrbach

Music: Anyone who wants to do special music during the rally, please come prepared. No need to call ahead. Check with Gary Morrow when you arrive.

Love Packages: Tom and Sue Wright will be receiving materials for Love Packages this rally. Bring any used literature and Bibles for redistribution. If you have any questions, call Tom (870-974-3484).

Ronald McDonald House: Hank and Liz Nash collect tabs from aluminum for this ministry. Bring any you may have and give to them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John at 573-248-5588 or

Nancy at 573-248-7389. Looking forward to another great rally.

John and Nancy Janes............................................................Co-President

Denny & Linda Ball..........................................................Co-Vice President

Stanley and Janet Casady.........................................Co-Secretary/Treasurer



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