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Baptist Hill Associational Camp April 22-26, 2019

ANCIENT WORDS” Isaiah 40:8

Dear Missouri Camper on Mission family,

Thanks to everyone for attending and making our Baptist Hill rally another successful week. We enjoyed good weather, fellowship, preaching, singing and work. It’s always refreshing to gather together after a long winter to catch up on our COM friends and make new ones.

Special thanks to those who participated in special music, and devotions. It’s so good to hear how God is working in your lives. We tried a few new things this time with the sunrise service and pancake breakfast on Easter morning, and the documentary on Sunday night. Hope you enjoyed those. It appeared that everyone was having a good time.

There are lots of projects going on this summer and we are still waiting to announce a location for our fall rally. People are working on that now, we will announce it as soon as we can.

These dates are for your information:

National COM rally, Hutchinson, KS—June 5-7, 2019. There are still spots for you. Contact us for registration information.

MO fall rally---September 16-20, 2019

National COM rally, Myrtle Beach, NC—May 12-15, 2020. Notice the earlier than usual dates. We pray you have an enjoyable summer and we look forward to being together again in the fall.


Attendance: Final numbers came in at 51 rigs and 131 people, including 4 visitors and 9 new members. Welcome to Terry and Beverly Gentry, Pat Graves, Ken and Eloise Hawkins, Dan and Charlotte Stammann, and Terry and Sue Wright. We look forward to getting to know you better.

We recorded 4157 hours from our time cards. Our offering was $5718 with $2924 going to Baptist Hill and $2794 to our COM general fund.

We received a gift from the family of Bill Morrison (as per his wishes) of a loaded trailer including all tools. This trailer has become our tool trailer and the other tool trailer is now the wagon master/storage trailer. The third smaller trailer will be moved to the northern part of the state to be used as a second tool trailer.

John and Nancy Janes


We had a good group of 6 working regularly and several others coming and going. We did some work for Wilma and the craft group and our major work was cutting out some 200 cars for shoe boxes. We also made 5 or 6 crosses, and 2 or 3 what-not shelves. We had a good time working together and invite others to join us. Next rally we will put the wheels and axles on the cars.

Roger Jeffries

Work projects:

I want to say a great BIG thank you to everyone for all the hard work done at Baptist Hill during the spring rally. A lot of work was accomplished, and the weather was good. Praise the Lord! The big dorm received a new retaining wall and top step, soffit, facia, and trim completed, the back painted up high, bulletin boards installed in rooms. The gift shop got an addition added, insulated and ceiling and walls covered. Some power washing and painting was done around the camp. Bulletin boards installed and roof leak done at dining room.

Work done at pool, sewer worked on at Butler building, some remodeling done in basement of red roof, lots of trees cut and trimmed, door jambs trim coiled, ceiling fixed in motel room and lots of other little things like towel racks, etc., put up. Whatever YOU did improved the camp and was very much appreciated.

Denny Ball

Sewing room:

P.T.L. —what a great week! There were a total of 26 ladies at sewing machines, 10 ladies tacking quilts, and 3 ladies hand-quilting for a total of 39 working with fabric. Jim Lovercamp acquired 8’ tables for us to use which helped tremendously in organizing our work space. There were a total of 78 quilts to be tacked, 46 of which were completed at the rally. The uncompleted tops were taken by various quilters to be tacked or machine quilted during the summer months.

The following is a list of our total donated items.

Quilts – 75 (tacked or machine quilted) Afghans – 17

Baby blankets – 8 Miscellaneous items—8 Total--108

Thanks to all of you who worked in the sewing room and at the quilting frame. May our hearts and hands always be willing to serve the Lord.

Linda Thomas


The numbers of items made by the crafts folks were: 5 bears for the gift shop at Baptist Hill, 10 sets of 6 coasters in wood holders,14 crocheted cross book marks, 8 framed pictures of spices, 5 tile pictures on easels, 3 individual tile coasters, 37 wind spinners, 6 wall hangings from sacks, 24 quilt blocks. We sent several items for the children’s home festival. Our sale netted $166.50 that went back into the COM general fund. We enjoyed new members working with the craft group and looking forward to the next rally.

Wilma Grant and Audine Boehm

Prayer Board:

Please continue to lift to the Father the requests that were on our prayer board at the rally: Noah Field, 7 month old son of Barb Whisler’s nephew, numerous health issues; Wayne and Mary Jo Amen; Kathy Edwards-torn shoulder ligament, sees ortho on 5/24; Pastor Jeff Hardy, Kimberling City, heart valve replacement; Ronna Magargee, friend of Nadine, surgery didn’t go well; Dee Ann Yancey, friend of Nadine, ill since November; John Fall, prayer for prostate cancer; Bobby Johnson, friend of Audine, creatine and enzymes high, GFR low; Jim Reppeto, surgery recovery; Cheryl McGowan, sister of Nancy, 6 months of treatment for lymphoma; John Fall as he prepares and delivers his sister’s funeral message (August 29) to a family that doesn’t know the Lord; Riley Wilson , Charlotte’s friend-dementia; Jim and Sandy Chilton, health issues; Daryl Hoth, bone cancer with no treatments; Karen Hoth as she ministers to Daryl; Chris Hutto, stent replacements; Richard Berner III, Audine’s friend, 2 ½ years old, infection in back of left knee; Lynn West, heart in a-fib.

Praise: Donna Morgan’s nephew, Brian Bavaro recovering from wreck!

Donna Crawford

Hospitality report:

The Kitchen Team leaders were once again blessed with a wonderful team of workers, new and old, and all your generous donations of baked goods, candy, packaged snacks, fruit, meat, cheese, eggs, and paper goods. We were surprised by the number of eggs consumed, 13 dozen to be exact.

This year we were sad that we didn’t have David and Ruth Strodtman on our team serving the cold drinks at every snack and sometimes evening meals and often giving us words of encouragement. Thank you, David and Ruth, for your years of service. We hope to see you next time, even if not in the kitchen or in the kitchen doing another task. However, God has never failed us. Doug and Diane Lane offered to do that part of our job and what a great job they did! Thank you, Doug and Diane.

Our team was also saddened during the week when we heard of the passing of Cheryl Compton. Cheryl had so cheerfully and willingly helped us in the kitchen the days she was able to be at our rallies. She will be missed.

Our team is already preparing for the fall rally. If you have any ideas about snack options, please contact Cheryl Rohrbach or Pat Raines. We are happy to try something new or different.

Cheryl Rohrbach and Pat Raines


Trying something a little different again at our fall rally. Instead of “outside” speakers, we have decided to use our own talented preachers. We have surveyed them for their willingness to be a part of the week, have gathered a little bit of information on them, and have gotten some of their favorite hymns to sing. So, our theme for September will be “Pastor

Ap’preach’iation”. Scripture will be Romans 10:14-15, theme song, So Send I You. Drawn at random, the preaching and devotions for the week will be (subject to change): Sunday morning worship: Robert Simpson

Sunday evening worship: John Thomas Wednesday evening worship: Dan Stammann Monday morning devotion: Roger Marshall Tuesday morning devotion: Jim McCoy Wednesday morning devotion: John Hunter Thursday morning devotion: Hank Nash Friday morning devotion: TBA


We announced trying to put together a talent show for Monday night. So far we have 5 signed up. Don’t make us have to call and beg! Get on board and share your talent with us, please.

We’ll have great time together. Call or email Nancy Janes.

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