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                               MISSOURI CAMPERS ON MISSION


                                        Laclede Baptist Camp

                                       September 17-21, 2018 

                        “FIND US FAITHFUL”  Hebrews 12:1-2 


Dear Missouri Camper on Mission family, 

A BIG thank you for your encouragement as you helped us transition and survive our first rally as Co-Presidents.  It’s just not the same without Mark and Barb in the lead, but change is inevitable, as we all know so well.  One of the things we like most about our rallies is the opportunity to worship with all of you.  We truly felt as though we were in revival as we welcomed and were blessed by three young, on fire area pastors, Jim from MBC, and the daily devotions and musical offerings.  Rallies are the best place to be!!  Thanks to everyone who stepped up to help make this a success.  We welcomed Gary Morrow as our song leader, taking the reigns from Deane McArthur who stepped down after more than a decade of service. 

Final numbers came in at 52 rigs and 126 people, 6 visitors with 11 new members.  Welcome to Raymond and Joyce Brown, Tracy Dean, Brad Licklider, Ken and Peggy Kroencke, Leroy Slater, Robert and Mary Ann Simpson, and Bob and Lynn West.  We trust you enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having you.  We look forward to getting to know you better. 

Individual reports from the areas of work are listed below but, wanted to share with you that we recorded 3895.5 hours from our time cards. What a great week and what a money-saver for the camp, so their funds can be directed elsewhere for ministry. We also had a $6000 offering with half of it going to the camp.   Steven Strauch, DOM and camp manager, shared with us concerning the year-wide use of the camp and most importantly about life changing decisions to follow the Lord.  In the spring we had voted to place additional electric and gravel to make it more accessible for our RVs.  What a great use of our funds to help improve the camp and make it easier for our rally visits. 


We will be returning to Baptist Hill in the spring, April 22-26, 2019.   Please note, Easter is April 21, but per our constitution, Article IX—Meetings, we ALWAYS meet the 4th Monday of April.  We’ve run into this before, just wanted you to be able to plan in advance. The theme will be “Ancient Words”, the scripture is Isaiah 40:8. Have a good winter, praying the Lord will bring us all back together in the spring.             

   John and Nancy Janes 





This is the second time the woodworking group has met.  About 5 folks met daily to work on these projects:  3 dozen crosses and necklaces, 10 bird houses, 2 pallet tables, 2 note pads, and 2 picture frames.   In addition, they agreed to clean and organize the maintenance shop.  

           Roger Jeffries 


  I want to say a big thank you to everyone for all the work done at Laclede Baptist Association Camp during the fall rally.  Many hands and feet accomplished much.  The amphitheater looks great, lots of paint was used on various items, new lights installed as well as 17 shower heads, doors fixed or replaced, brush and trees removed or trimmed, buildings power washed, drain lines dug, pool leak found and repaired, parking rail installed, sidewalk formed, poured, and back-filled, carpet removed and new laid in chapel, air filters changed, organized tractor shed, berm put above amphitheater, cement poured at Roger Marshall's house, the old copier dismantled and scrapped, as well as an old piano.  I apologize if I left anything out because everything that was done made the camp a better place for kids.              Denny Ball 


SEWING ROOM REPORT: We had a total of 34 ladies in the sewing room in September. Some pieced quilt tops and sewed on bindings while others did the tacking. Also we have a few ladies who enjoy hand quilting and they worked on a queen size quilt that will ultimately go to the Strawberry Festival for auction. (Did I mention the machine-pieced, hand-quilted Double Square Star won a firstplace ribbon in that category at the Strawberry Festival? Good work ladies!) 


We also tried a new pattern to make reversible adult clothing protectors. Some of the unusual fabrics we used might start a few meal time conversations! 


We sent a total of 112 items to 3 Missouri Baptist Children’s homes, Lighthouse in Kansas City, and 3 Baptist Homes for senior adults:  Quilts – 42 (one with matching pillowcase)  Afghans – 13  Baby blankets – 8  Decorative – 3  Clothing protectors – 45 Thanks to everyone who helped, including the people who delivered the items to each facility. May our passion to serve continue to bless others.        Linda Thomas 


 CRAFTS REPORT: The numbers of items made by the crafts folks were:  52 bears, 1 dish cloth, 3 sets of dish towels, 4 back packs, 13 gift bags, 9 refrigerator magnets, 36 crocheted crosses, 6 pillows, 10 sets of snowmen, 25 cross in your pockets, 4 candles in holders.  We sent to Baptist Hill the bears, crosses, Roman Road cards, and gift bags.  The craft sale brought in $143.50.         Wilma Grant & Audine Boehm 




PRAYER BOARD REPORT: Please continue to lift to the Father the requests that were on our prayer board at the rally: infant Noah; Ron (dying of cancer); Dawn Higbe (gall stones); Betty Witt (breast cancer-Pastor Jordan’s mother); James Goodman (Carl’s son); Jerry Brown (cancer); Pam Stokes (PLSCharlotte’s sister); Angela Sherman (breast cancer-David and Charlotte’s daughter); Betty Lou Dabbs (colon cancer, FL); Don Collier; Landon Harrell (surgery); Josh Owen (Donna Crawford’s nephew); Carolyn McArthur (surgery); Jerry McGovern (strokes); Martha Faught (leukemia); Steve Grant (cancer-SC COM); Steven Strauch (cancer-Laclede DOM); Clay McCartle (heart attack, friend of Gilloglys); Karlye Jeffries (decisions-granddaughter of Nellie and Roger); Kristin Kuhl (intestinal problems-daughter of Donna/Larry Morgan); Wyatt Francis (9 year old, fell out of tree); Mindy Jarvis (needs kidney-granddaughter of Perry Wolfe); John Fall (prostate cancer); Glenda Tumbleson (health); Paul Harpham (marriage-son of Mark/Barbara); Ed Backe (cancer).           Donna Crawford   


HOSPITALITY REPORT: We the leaders of your COM Food Team, Cheryl Rohrbach and Pat Raines, want to give our team a big praise and thank you. Members of our team are Lou Hulsebus, Dave and Ruth Strodtman, Jim McCoy, Jeanne Jamison, Diane Lane, Peggy Kroencke, Alice Morton, and Cheryl Compton. They worked tirelessly providing five morning snacks, four afternoon snacks, one breakfast, one lunch, and an evening sundae treat all for over 100 people each time. If you came through the kitchen any time during the day, you would have found the team working on plating breads or cookies, making veggie trays, getting fruit ready to eat, packing snacks, stuffing celery, baking ten cobblers on Wednesday, making rollups, making tea, coffee, lemonade, and other numerous tasks, including washing a mound of dishes. Everyone worked together with smiles on their faces, shared our lives with each other, and prayed together. We were blessed to have that time. 

We as a team also want to say thank you to everyone who provided all kinds of baked goods, fruit, veggies, snacks, even money to buy what we needed. We never had to worry about what we would serve. You provided abundantly. Thank you. And if you wonder about how your food 

was used, we were happy to provide snacks for three different mini-rallies with what was left over. One of the churches that fed us in the evening left so much food that we gave you lunch and sent pans of food to Rolla for an International Students Lunch the next day. What a blessing in so many ways! 

Before we leave a rally, we are already planning for the next one. You may have noticed we try to do something different for our Wednesday afternoon snack. This last time we had cobblers and ice cream. We welcome any ideas you have. If you want to share a recipe with us, we will help you with the preparation or do it ourselves if that is needed. We like ideas and any input you want to give us.  

Have a great winter … and we look forward to seeing you next April! 

       Cheryl Rohrbach & Pat Raines 

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