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Post Rally Letter


     We want to Praise God for each of you who were able to come to Bates Creek Camp at Potosi, Missouri to work at the rally in April.  Kevin was very please with all the improvements that was done.  It was a wonderful time of praising God and seeing Him work through all of us.   We had a good time seeing  and catch with all of our old friends and  was blessed by adding 10 new members to our group.  We welcomed: Jennifer and Olivia Hogan, Doug and Diane Lane, George Richey, Dorthy Shumans, John and Louise Thomas, and Jim and Mary Wood.  Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again in September.   We had 43 RV and 108 people and 5 visitors. What a Great Time we had!!!! Mark and Barbara Harpham

Editors Special Note: After having served us faithfully for the past 5 years Mark and Barbara have decided to step down as our co-presidents.  We hate to see them go for they have served us well.

At the Business meeting on Thursday night, John and Nancy Janes were elected as our new co-presidents.  


Here is the report on the work projects from Denny:

We want to say a big thank you to all who helped with the construction work at Bates Creek Baptist Camp.  We will try to mention all that was done but may miss something and we apologize if we do.  No matter what you did be it small or great it all made a difference.  

     On the new construction of the old building the interior walls were framed out, insulation installed, most of the tongue and groove siding installed, the mini splits installed and working, showers installed, water hooked up, dryer vents it in, windows put in, inside and outside doors installed, old metal roof removed and new metal put on and vents, metal siding put on, lights/fan/heater put in bathrooms, outlets and switches put up and working. Also thanks to those who came early to pour concrete over rough in plumbing, pulling siding off, framing inside walls and doing dirt work for water and sewer lines.

    Some work was done on the Shepherds Shack and a deck added.  Insulation was put in the left wing of the tabernacle, 2 window AC units and electricity put in shower house, lights put in shop, a 2 sided registration booth built on dining hall, several trees trimmed or cut down and fire wood cut up, lights checked around camp, furnace filters checked, lights installed in pool shower house and walls painted.  Again many thanks.     Denny Ball

The craft team was very busy,  here is report what they accomplished over the week:

4 Small Child Tote Bags

17 Small tin safe keep boxes which is going to Baptist Hill gift shop

18 Chicken feed sack shopping bags

7 Chicken feed sack aprons

33 Emogi Dolls for Christmas Shoe Boxes

36 Teddy Bear quilt blocks

25 Kleenex box covers for a church

8 Soda Can Wind Spinners

6 Snowman Decoration

Thanks to all that came and worked with us,

Wilma Grant & Audine Boehm


The craft group wasn’t the only one busy the sewing group was really humming also.  Here is their report:

2 receiving blankets

2 burp Cloths

4 Pillow casses

4 Pillows

10 Afaghans

6 Pairs of curtains for newly remodled rooms

14 quilts for Restoration House

126 quilts including baby blankets, lap robes, twin size quilts

v                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         40 of the quilts came from a group that Nancy worked with in Florida

v                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         15 of the quilts are going to one of the children home for auction

Great Job to all, Nancy


The new woodworking group had more fun then all the others according to them.  They build picnic tables and benches for the camp as well as pallet furnature, bird house some crosses cut outs, which was set out for the group get for a donation which went to Freedom House in Holcomb, Missouri.  Chis Hutto introduced us to Intarsia by holding classes on how to get started doing Intarsia. We had more fun than should be allowed, Roger Jeffreys and Chris Hutto.

We want to Thank Bates Creek Camp and Kevin Crowder for inviting us to the camp and allowing us to be a part of there ministry.

 Mark and Barbara Harpham



May 9, 2018

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