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Pulaski Baptist Association              September 16-20, 2019

“Pastor Ap’preach’iation”                       Romans 10:14-15

Song: ‘So Send I You’


Dear Missouri Camper on Mission family,


Thank you for another successful rally. It was not your ‘typical’ one, but, was very much appreciated by everyone who benefitted from the hard work of our members. Some of you reading this were not able to attend, so we will recap the projects. Work at the camp involved some concrete work at the kitchen door as well as a driveway at the DOM house; painting the flagpoles and entry sign; brushwork, tree removal; work on rigs; as well as the usual kitchen, crafts and sewing work going on.


Five different groups of men went out from camp to nearby churches to work. Those at Independence Baptist Church did facia and soffit work on the parsonage and replaced the entry floor in the church. Work on a covered entry was the task at Idumea Baptist Church, as well as some painting outside and inside. Digging out for drainage around the entire building (in 90+ temperatures) was the work at Center Point Church. Additionally, the men put a new floor in a small classroom. If you were lucky enough to work at New Friendship, you would have been helping the guys hang bead board inside in the air conditioning!! They refinished the inside of the former sanctuary, now used as fellowship hall. A fifth church was Mt. Gibson. There they did some wiring and took out a load bearing wall.


On Friday, several men loaded up early and went to do some much-needed exterior painting at FBC in Richland. We received a wonderful testimony from DJ, pastor at Center Point during our Friday morning rally, and a note (with a $300 check) from Idumea. We know how much these churches needed help, how much they appreciated our help, and how blessed our folks were for getting to bless them in these small/large ways.


We hadn’t had a talent show in a few years, and actually, I already am looking forward to our next one! It was so much fun. We’ve heard several of you say you hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time. Laughter is good medicine!! Thank you to those who had a part in entertaining us.


Special thanks to those who participated with preaching, leading music, special music, and devotions.  It was another great week of praising and working together.           John & Nancy


Here are some dates to keep in mind:

Spring rally, location TBA, dates: April 27-May 1, 2020

National COM rally, Myrtle Beach, NC—May 12-15, 2020. Notice the earlier than usual dates.


Attendance: Final numbers came in at 44 rigs and 112 people, including 2 visitors and 9 new members. Welcome to Kay Harper, David and Chris Landwehr, Vern and Priscilla Pfeifle, Sherrie Snodgrass, James and Rowena Uptergrove, and Lanny Witt. We look forward to working with you in the future.


We recorded 3582 hours from our timecards. Our offering was $5854, with $2977 going to Pulaski Baptist Association and $2877 to our COM general fund.


Business meeting: A committee (Larry Morgan, Stu Hulsebus and Darrel Crawford) will go through the Morrison trailer and get it sorted and under the legal weight limit. Since most camps have sufficient electric for our rallies, the use of air conditioning for all is now available, not just those with health issues. We voted to send a yearly donation of $50 to help fund the COM booth at the Southern Baptist Convention. Donna Crawford has stepped down and Lynn West will be handling the prayer chain. Contact her at, or call at 816.739.1220. Chris and Darlene Hutto have relocated to Alabama and John Jamison has agreed to take over the web site. Thank you to Donna and Chris for your years of hard work!!


Prayer board: Our prayer board had many names and we’ll list them here as you may want to keep them in your prayers. For Chuck Wright’s health and for Nadine as his caregiver; Carole Welborn-cancer; Don Collier family at his passing; Marvin Rohrbach; Wayne Amen-recovering from back surgery; Tom Wright-infected shoulder; Donna Gillespie’s daughter-in-law, Nancy; Pulaski DOM wife, Pam-breast cancer treatments; David Raines, shoulder replacement October 15; Carl Goodman, mastectomy October 14; Angela, daughter of Parrishes, migraines and depression; Stella Piles, recovering from bladder surgery; 3 year old Madelyn, great granddaughter of the Haddocks, leukemia; David Parrish, kidney surgery October 25; Wayne and Glenda Tumbleson, health; Amanda Boyt-breast cancer, beginning immunotherapy; Clifford Sailor-leg surgery; Charlotte Parrish-throat and vocal chords; Roger Jeffries-low grade prostate cancer; Doug Lane-recovering from knee replacement; Coen Harvey and family-Coen was driving during a wreck that killed three of his best friends; John Hunter-knee replacement October 9; Gene Yoder-dialysis; Stanley Casady-knee replacement October 1; Liz Nash-knee replacement November 19; Ed Backe-resuming cancer treatments in October


Woodworking: 9 blue bird houses, 15 wren houses 550 wheels and axels on cars and trucks

countless cars cut out, sanded, holes drilled, some painted

2  pallet crosses                                    Thanks for all the hard work! Roger Jeffries

Work projects: It was an unusual Rally this time but want to thank every one of you for adjusting and coming through successfully. And yes, it was hot for some and some had air conditioning to work in. I want to thank all who came and gave of their time and talents because if you had not come it would not have been done. Thanks to the ones who lead the different projects at the camp and surrounding churches. I know you made a good impression at the churches and hopefully helped them appreciate their camp more. Also, you made an impression at the camp and hopefully they will have us back again. What a great group to work with.                                                                        Denny Ball


Sewing room: As usual, we had a productive rally with a total of 80 quilts and several miscellaneous items distributed. Of those eighty, 28 were machine quilted and 48 were tacked at the rally. I realize those figures total 76 so the quilt fairy must have added four more!



Baptist Home, Chillicothe-2

Baptist Home, Ozark-11 (plus 2 afghans and 3 small pillows) MBCH, STL-12

Lighthouse, STL-11 MBCH, Peculiar-10

Veterans Home, Mt Vernon-4 Freeway Ministries, Springfield-5

Richland Care Center & Rosewood Manor-8 ,plus 6 walker bags (these are local ministries) Pulaski Pregnancy Center-17 (local ministry)

We also gave a quilt to Pam Catrow, wife of the DOM at Pulaski, who is currently going through cancer treatments. She made a selection following the “quilt show and tell” on Friday morning. We pray for her return to good health.


Thanks to all the ladies who gave so generously of their time, talent and fabric. Thanks also to the Wagon Masters for unloading and then reloading all our supplies into the COM trailer.

Also, thanks to all who delivered the bags of quilts to their proper destinations.

Linda Thomas


Crafts: The numbers of items made by the crafts folks were:

3  large crosses; 5 small crosses; 8 patio torches; 24 little treasure boxes (for Christmas shoe boxes); 6 magnetic crosses; 30 quilt blocks; 3 pillows; 32 tube gift boxes; 80 tube electric cord organizers; 3 Christmas ornaments; 12 apothecary jars; 2 tricycles; 1 quilt top; dog toys; several items sent to Baptist Hill for the gift shop. The craft sell brought in a total of $143.50.


Wilma Grant & Audine Boehm

Hospitality report: With several previous kitchen team members calling to say the would be unable to attend this fall rally, we thought we would be scrabbling. However, several new people joined COM and the kitchen team and almost everything went off effortlessly. The COM members who remained in camp had a variety of bountiful snacks served on the regular schedule. The challenge for the kitchen team was to come up with cold drinks and creative snacks to send with the majority of COM men who were working away from the camp during the hot days we experienced. The kitchen team met the challenge - our men had food and water! We are now anticipating the spring challenge. Good job, kitchen team.

Cheryl Rohrbach and Pat Raines




The theme for our spring rally will be “Through it All”. Scripture will be Isaiah 43:2-3a, and the theme song will also be “Through it All” by the Gaithers. We have 4 folks volunteering for devotions. We still have room for one more volunteer and one backup. Give us a call if it is you.

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