About C.O.M.

Missouri Campers on Mission is a chapter of the national fellowship of Christian campers providing families and individuals the opportunity to share their faith and love of Jesus Christ while participating in a personal “on mission” experience.

Sponsored by the Adult Volunteer Mobilization Unit of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations.

There is no membership fee.  Our costs for essentials are covered through a love offering received through the membership.

We have chosen as an organization to serve Missouri Baptist Associational Camps doing construction, maintenance, and repairs to their facilities.  The camps and institutions provide the material while we provide the labor.

We hold week-long rallies twice each year – one beginning the fourth Monday in April and the other beginning the third Monday in September for the entire membership.  We average 120 – 130 at these rallies.

In addition, smaller groups of 5 – 10 members travel to different areas of need throughout the state to participate in various construction projects throughout the entire year.

A NATIONAL COM rally is held annually where COMers from all 50 states come together to enjoy worship, prayer, workshops and fellowship with one another.