Mini Rallies


 March 17-23, 2019
Camp Allen Baptist Camp, Greenville, MO  
Work will consist of setting posts and building walls for outside games.  
Contact:  Bob Simpson  636.677.1069 or 314.471.5032

Would like work to be done this year. In need of leader/coordinator.  Soul's Harbor Baptist Church, Mexico, MO owns a 23'X35' house next to a Christian radio station (KJAB).  The need is for new windows and vinyl siding.  The house and the radio station both belong to the church.  It is lived in by the general manager of the radio station.  Contact:  John Janes 573.248.5588 
 April 1 - ?? FBC Shelbina, MO. - A summer project - Jim Rawlings/Mark Harpham 
 April 29 -May 1, 2019  Immediately following spring rally Missouri Baptist Children's Home - Hutchen's Campus, Mt Vernon, MO.  Putting on the last metal roof.  If raining, may a couple more days.  About 12 men or so needed.
Project Leader:  Denny Ball: 417.847.6810 or 417.271.3516.
 April 29-May 3

Camp Keirsey - Dennis Barnes  
No info yet.
 May 2 - 17, 2019 or After new Children's Home roof. Orla Baptist Church - Orla, MO.  Project: Remove paneling, hanging and finishing sheetrock in approximately 1725 SF church built in 1970; includes a 31'X39' sanctuary, 2 small rooms and baptistry on east end of building, and an entry, a cry room, and stairwell on West end of building; possibly some minor electrical work and window replacement.  Capacity 8-10 RVs on site with water and electric.  Project Leader: John Janes 573.248.5588 
 TBD POSSIBLE Mini rally at Charleston Baptist association, Benton, MO.  Sometime in Spring 2019.  Date TBA.  Project Leader: Denny Ball  417.847.6810 or 417.271.3516

New Hope Baptist Church, Columbia, MO
May 20-24, 2019
New Hope Baptist Church,  4838 Meadow Lark Lane, Columbia, MO.  Work:  Ceiling in sanctuary, strip popcorn texture, repair and new texture, paint, move double door and other interior work as needed.  Project Leader:  Stanley Casady  573.819.7874 


 Camp Allen, MO
Nov 12-16
 Miscellaneous stuff. 
3 meals a day plus lodging.  Contact Robert Simpson 314.471.5032 (c) or 626.677.1069 (h)
UPDATE 10/4/2018



Oronogo, MO
First Baptist Church
Sept 24-Oct 5, 2018

There will be a mini rally held at First Baptist Church of Oronogo, Missouri.

The work that will be done will be remodeling 5 bathrooms in the old building.  We will be removing everything down to the studs and going back from there.  Mark Harpham will be heading up this project please contact him at 816-805-0903 or Barbara at 816-797-0797 to reserve your spot as there is only enough room for 8 RV's so it is on a first call basis.

 Antioch Baptist Church
 Hannibal, MO 
Oct 22-Oct 26
 Miscellaneous finishing work.  Get sanctuary and upstairs classrooms ready to use.  
5 Parking spites available
Contact John Janes 573.248.5588
 Freeway  Ministries, Springfield, MO
Week of Oct 15 
Work done: Lots of 14' framing.  Walls - some with knee or pony walls on top - Started on stage floor 2' off floor.  Kitchen floor completed.  12' floor over steps 80+ feet long.  Assemble walls for special room.

Darrel and Donna Crawford headed the group consisting of Stu and Lou Hulsebus, Hank and Liz Nash, Deane and Macy McArthur, Clem and Carol Clemons, Ken and Kay Cobb, Curtis Scott, Larry Morgan, Roger Marshall, Jack Cook and Larry Brown.
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First Baptist Church, Clarence, MO
Aug 20-24, 2018 
FBC Clarence has a current attendance of 6-8 members, Jerry Lillard, Pastor.   Roof replacement started this summer with volunteers, but stalled when all the volunteers quit because of steep roof pitch of 12/12 and 18/12.  3 layers of asphalt shingles and a layer of cedar shake shingles were removed.  MO COM finished the roof with water proofing material, 2X4 purlins and metal sheeting.  Omaha church donated the use of a bucket truck and 2 men.  They were greatly appreciated.

The project was headed by Stanley Casady along with Mark Harpham, Roger Jefferies, V.C. Cunningham, and Jim Rawlings.  Andy and C.L. Vestal from Omaha Church helped also.  
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First Baptist Church
Shelbina, MO
August 13-17, 2018

 Jim and Cheryl Rawlings headed a crew of 8 couples working at the FBC Shelbina, MO.  This is the second mini-rally held at FBC Shelbina this summer.  This time they finished the kitchen - plumbing and installed doors and trim, finished tilework and fixtures in the bathrooms, and painted the fellowship hall. (Huge room)
Also attending were Charles and June Grubb, Mark and Barb Harpham, V.C. and Vicky Cunningham, Stanley and Janet Casady, Roger and Nellie Jefferies, Roger and Dee Marshall and Hank and LIz Nash (3 days).
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Omaha, MO
August 6-10,2018 
Hung 16 doors and trim.  Installed 900 ft. of base trim.  Set 4 toilets and 2 shower doors.  Painted, textured 2 rooms and installed chipboard on 1 room.  Installed most of the 'drop-in' ceiling.  Plumbed 4 vanities.
Roger and Nellie Jefferies headed the group consisting of Charles and June Grubb, Stan and Janet Casady, V.C. and Vicky Cunningham, Hank and LIz Nash, Mark and Barbara Harpham, Roger and Dee Marshall and Larry Morgan
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July 9-20, 2018
Lots and lots of drywall.  Used seven rolls (1750 ft) of drywall tape then finished, primed, textured and painted most of the rooms.  Then finished a carport with cedar and stone (see pics) and built two canopies.
Roger Jefferies headed the project with Mark and Barbara Harpham, Charles and June Grubb, Hank and LIz Nash, Roger and Nellie Jefferies, V.C. and Vicky Cunningham, Stan and Janet Casady, Roger Marshall, Jack Cook and Earl Gibson.  
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Camp Inlow
Philadelphia, MO
Summer 2018
Jim Rawlings led a team to Camp Inlow to do some much needed maintenance work around the camp.  They replaced bathroom fixtures, replaced lights and bulbs, mowed, worked in the kitchen and snack shack, maintained and refilled water stations, repaired beds, moved furniture, hauled trash and worked on the swimming pool.

Sharing in the blessings were: Jim and Cheryl Rawlings, Charles and June Grubb, Gary and LInda Thomas, Tyler and Melissa Lehman, Randy and Jane Yahn, Kris Survant, and the Kinzel family. 
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 Antioch Baptist Church, Hannibal, MO
June 18-23, 2018
 Seven COM members served a week working at the Antioch Baptist Church, Hannibal, MO.  This is the church that burned about 18 months ago, and are now in their rebuilding phase.  In spite of the rain, they roughed in plumbing under the main floor and in the walls, some carpentry work for plumbers and put some sheathing and shingles on the roof.  The ladies quilted for the week.

Attending were:  Gary and Marilyn Morrow (team leaders), Bill Pace, Jerry and Cinda Haddock, and John and Nancy Janes.

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 Shelbina, MO
June 11-22, 2018
 26 COM members spent about 2 weeks at the First Baptist Church in Shelbina recently.  They helped with the first phase of the renovation of a strip mall which will become the new church.  They hung and finished drywall, hung kitchen cabinets, tiled kitchen floor and painted and sprayed knockdown in several rooms.  The ladies sewed dresses and bags for shoeboxes and made quilts for the Church's foster care ministry.

Attending were: Jim and Cheryl Rawlings (leaders), Charles and June Grubb, Dee and Roger Marshall, Mark and Barbara Harpham, Hank and Liz Nash, John and Nancy Janes, Roger and Nellie Jefferies, Jim and Mary Wood, Chuck and Nadine Wright, Linda and Gary Thomas, Chris and Darlene Hutto, VC and Vicky Cunningham and Stanley and Janet Casady.
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 Girard, IL
June 4-8, 2018

Nine members of COM returned to First Baptist Church in Girard, IL for the fourth time.  Attending this mini-rally were: Kenny and Donna Gillespie, Mark and Barb Harpham and grandson Carson, John and Nancy Janes, Roger Marshall, and Jim and Cheryl Rawlings.


Major work was replacing the exterior handicap ramp, placing underlayment and carpet squares on the sanctuary floor, and tread and risers to the steps in the new building.  All work for which the church had requested help was completed by week's end.


As always, the meals were great, but the week is never complete without several trips to the local Whirl-a-Whip!

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Camp Keirsey 
Amsterdam, MO

May 7 - 14,
 We were asked to come to Kamp Keirsey near Amsterdam, Missouri to remodel the chapel for air conditioning.  Which included putting in windows, removing  replacing paneling building rooms around a/c units, leveling the pews, we also put in a door in the administration building and installed a hinged counter top between the kitchen and dining room for easier access.  Thanks to all who helped:
Roger & Dee Marshall        Dennis & Jane Barnes
Stu & Lou Hulselbus           Jerry Nance
Kenny & Donna Gillespie    Mark & Barbara Harpham
V C & Vicky Cunningham    Don Gillogly
Jim & Cheryl Rawlings        Darlene Ephland
Hank & Liz Nash                 David Raines
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APRIL 30 - MAY 4, 2018
 Twenty people showed up to work at Pulaski County Associational Camp last week and completed a remarkable amount of projects.  Those in attendance were: Roger Marshall, Jack Cook, Stu and Lou Hulsebus, Stanley and Janet Casady, Jim and Cheryl Rawlings, Curtis and Ruth Scott, Jim and Stella Piles, Bill and Ramona Jameson, Donald and Nancy Rieck, Robert and Alice Morton and Darrel and Donna Crawford, leaders of the week.Below is a summary of the work:

Weather stripped door to administration building

Repaired rails to the front of the administration building

Put screens on vents on all cabins to keep squirrels out.

Replaced soffit and mortared wall cracks in CABIN 4

Repaired roof to CABIN 7

Wrapped all doors and windows on ALL PURPOSE BUILDING

Installed new door, repaired soffit and wrapped some of the doors and windows in the CHAPEL

Replaced walls and ceiling, cleaned walls, racks, and floor in COOLER



Replaced window

Wrapped all doors and windows

Caulked all doors and windows

Put screen on vent

Built door to access under the parsonage

Removed trash from around the parsonage

Built front steps

Installed a microwave 


Replaced broken ceiling tiles in sleeping area in ALL PURPOSE BUILDING

Repaired door jams and wrapped doors in STORAGE BUILDING

Repaired gate and fence around propane tank

Installed new door and built new steps to door inside pool room, built new steps outside for the POOL MAINTENANCE ROOM

SEWING: made 75 curtains – included all 7 cabins and dining room

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Lewistown, MO  May 2017

 We had a great week putting in a new kitchen for the congregation at Lewistown. The Dehners, Dehners, Grubbs, Parrishes, Gillespies, Jackie Hamlin, Jim Rawlings and the Janes were there. The women made 18 lap robes, 5 toss pillows, 10 pillowcases and a kitchen curtain. On Fridaywe delivered the lap robes to the CARE Center in Lewistown and gave one to each of the residents who were members of the church. The daily devotions and fellowship were wonderful. Thanks to all who helped. This was Donna and Kenny's home church.

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Girard, IL
May 2017
This was the second trip to FBC, Girard. Last fall was siding the new building and beginning Sheetrock. This week the team painted, and painted, and painted; hung doors, installed the bathroom partitions and got all the kitchen cabinets installed. The ladies made 4 baby quilts, 5 blankets, 3 crib sheets, 2 pillowcases, and 41 burp rags (Cheryl Rawlings has caught the sewing bug). These will be donated to Birthright in Hannibal.
What a great week of work and fellowship and 4 trips to Whirl-a-Whip!! Gotta love it.

Working were: the Rawlings, Grubbs, Nashes, Gillespies Janeses, Jack Cook and Roger Marshall.