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Missouri Campers on Mission is a state affiliate of the National association found at CAMPERSONMISSION.NET. The unit was founded in 1976 and has been active ever since. There are about 275 members who participate on varying levels. Membership is open to people of all denominations who want to assist us in the things we do. There are no membership dues but operational funds come via a love offering taken at the spring and fall rallys or by individual gifts.

We are passionate about showing the love of Jesus Christ as we go.  Our objectives are:

  • To be "On Mission" with Jesus "As We Go:.
  • To relate our Christian Faith to fellow campers
  • To bear witness of the saving power of Jesus Christ
  • To be genuine and sensitive in our relations to other people
  • To communicate through word and deed the good life in Christ
  • To use our skills and equipment as free service in furtherance of the Gospel of Christ

( We also worship, fellowship and we eat well! )

Our ministries are focused in three major areas:  Construction, Arts and Crafts, and Quilting.

Construction means doing whatever needs to be done.

Arts and Crafts give their crafts to the campground gift shops and Christmas shoe boxes.  Any stuffed animals made go to police, ambulance and fire departments and missionaries as requested.  

We donate the quilts we produce to various organizations.  Some of the more recent recipients:

Baptist Home for the aged

    Arcadia Campus
    Chillicothe Campus
    Ozark Campus

Baptist Children's Home
    St. Louis Campus
    Peculiar Campus
    Mt. Vernon Campus

The LIGHTHOUSE, Kansas City

The Salvation Army Family Services, Columbia

The Restoration House, Kansas City

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May 24, 2018

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