Campers On Mission

Fall Rally 2022

Post Rally Newsletter

“Oh Lord, Our Lord, How majestic is your name”

Once upon a time, in the fall of 2022, a group of Missourians were headed to Baptist Hill for their Fall Rally. There was much work scheduled to be done and many hands and hearts prepared to do it. Many had struggles on the way to Mount Vernon. A precarious detour because of a bridge replacement, flat tires, dead batteries, loss of brakes, among other mishaps, but that did not stop the 118 people in 44 rigs from coming to strive to serve together.

Baptist Hill had their own set of problems. Jim Lovercamp had to drive 6 hours one way in a UHaul truck to get the siding for the Caretaker’s house. After that he was diagnosed with Covid and was homebound for the entire rally. His wife, Elaine, and Administrative Assistant, Paula, and Maintenance man, Tim, and Board Member, Gary Camp, all grabbed the reins together and led us in having a very successful rally.

On Saturday evening we met for fellowship and a Cowboy Stew/Chili/Gumbo cookoff. Roger Marshall’s Gumbo took the prize for his (and Dee’s) delicious Gumbo.

On Sunday morning and evening we had services at the Amphitheater that Campers on Missions built at Baptist Hill last fall. The temperature was quite high that day and the next few days but we knew a cooling trend was in the forecast.

As you will see in the different Team Reports, much was accomplished. But following the rally week many hands were still needed to finish the metal on the Caretaker’s house. Several people stayed to help with that. Of those that went home we have heard of a metal shaving in an eye, a bad metal cut on a leg that required antibiotics, an arm in a sling after a fall, 3 cases of Covid, and several ladies with sore fingers from finishing the quilt that was on the frame.

So, as in most fairy tales, we will move on with saying:

They all lived happily ever after.\

(And looked forward to the Spring when they could be together again.)

The Construction Crew reported that work was completed on the deck and extended roof on one of the hotel buildings, the new metal siding was put on the Administration building, siding completed on the small shed by the basketball court and siding begun (and later completed) on the Caretaker’s house.

Painting Crew painted 5 rooms in the boy’s side of the big dorm and used magic eraser on the remaining 3 boys rooms and the 8 rooms on the girl’s side. Also used magic eraser on both hallways. There were 6 people on the paint crew. John Fall Craft Team made 39 tackle kits, 14 treasure boxes for boys and 20 for girls, 13 jump ropes, all for shoe boxes. 20 solar lights, 6 stuffed dolls, 31 dish towels, 3 pillows, 1 Christmas wreath, 4 gazing balls, 16 Painted rocks, 3 stuffed ducks, 4 wooden crosses. Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and worked on crafts for shoebox ministry and bought crafts to support the Freedom House. Wilma Grant and Audene Boehm

RV and Vehicle Maintenance report came from David Raines this time. Gary Reimer assisted David in this work. They worked on the lights on three pull behind trailers, packed bearings on two campers, worked on the AC but were not able to fix, but fixed another AC unit, advised on the black tank that wouldn’t flush, advised on a fifth wheel hitch, fixed a leak on a truck engine, and adjusted locks for a slide-out.

Refreshment: Whoever said old people don’t have adventures obviously never was on the refreshment committee for COM. Who would have guessed that slightly over a week ago that in one weeks time I would make many batches of okra, learn to make sugar pecans, almost learn to make fried green beans and watch everything that took hours to prepare totally disappear in two short 30 minute periods of time twice a day. Added to that, where else could I meet new people who timidly ask if they can help in the kitchen and within a week become friends and be willing to work for you for hours and hours. Who knew those same people would ever thank you for allowing them to work like servants and say they even enjoyed themselves. Who knew that you would try to get out of work by falling down and hurting yourself while going to fix biscuits and gravy at 5am? When you finally admitted being in pain, people bandaged you, drove you around so you wouldn’t work, make you take Tylenol, even fold your laundry and cover for you in the kitchen. They even spent time praying for you until you recovered enough to go back to work. Over 100 men and women showed sympathy by putting a hand on your sore shoulder. Who knew you could come somewhere and learn new songs with real words and get to sing old favorites you haven’t heard or sang for ages. Who knew you would be inspired by testimonies of your friends? If you think old people don’t have adventures then you haven’t been a member of the refreshment committee of COM. Cheryl Rohrbach and Pat Raines

Sewing room: Nancy Janes reporting for Linda Thomas. I’ve always said the sewing room can run itself, as everyone knows exactly what they’re doing and does it well. In the absence of Linda this time, we proved it. This amazing group produced 63 quilts (31 tacked at rally), 9 afghans, 19 clothing protectors, 7 walker caddies, 34 backpacks, 2 crib sheets, and 1 pillow. Of course, some of these items were brought to the Hill already completed since last rally, just to show how hard these ladies work year round. A special thanks to Molly for organizing the fabrics and packing up the sewing room, to the girls who helped by bagging up the quilts and the tacking room (Ruthanne, Gail, Ruth and Stella), and especially to our good God who saw that the goal was met to finish the hand quilt (at 4:30pm on Friday!)

The Woodworkers made over 500 wooden cars and trucks for Shoeboxes. They also made bird houses, camper steps, and a few side tables. They are looking for a few new ideas of things to make. Submit any ideas to Roger Jeffries or any other woodworker. They sell the items and the money goes to Freedom House.

Prayer requests that were posted at the rally: Jean Wade, liver cancer Rosemary Piles, (James and Stella’s sister-in-law) lung cancer Glenda Tumbleson, all health concerns Lynn Gay, recovering from surgery? Leslie Wright, (Chuck and Nadine’s son) Sept 26 CT scan, Sept 28 see Neurologist, ?? surgery after that, vertebrae 4,5,6 and 7 very bad. Hank Nash couldn’t come because of health problems, Stella Piles is having a surgical procedure on Sept 26, Cheryl Rohrbach fell and hurt her shoulder and is in a lot of pain, Donna Morgan has been in and out of the hospital 4 times in the past month. Possible C-Dif Jim Lovercamp’s Covid recovery, Dana Harris, (friend of Cheryl Rohrbach) diagnosed 3rd time with cancer. Going thru chemo and radiation again. She is scared, pray for peace. Vi Simpson, will have a heart valve replaced Oct 24, Ken Kroenke, to rebuild strength following radiation treatments and chemo prior to radiation, David Parrish, praise – off hospice, prayer in CARE at Lewistown, MO PT/OT to walk again. Shirley Clemons, thyroid problems and trouble swallowing, sees doctor the 26th, Liz and Hank Nash had Covid so couldn’t come to rally, Darlene Ephland got to come one day but unable to come rest of the week, Karen Hoth, taking care of her sister as her brother-in-law has surgery, Gene Cassell Family. Submitted by Lynn West

News Briefs:

Offering: Total $6931.35 with $3590.68 going to Baptist Hill and $3340.67 going to COM.

COM sent 40,062 Bibles to Love Packages this year. Keep collecting Bibles for next year.

We don’t have a location for the Spring 2023 Rally yet. Please pray about that.

We still need a couple more volunteers for devotionals for the Spring Rally.

We had 5 newcomers to COM this rally:

Joyce Fitzpatrick Mike and Vickie Jarvis Ed and Laura Larson

703 S. High St. 600 W. 29th St. 940 Hickory St.

Butler, MO 64730 Higgensville, MO 64037 Washburn, MO 65772

660-200-5208 816-392-6938/816-392-7220 417-671-2236/417-671-2230


We want to thank everyone who came to this rally for the wonderful show of support that you demonstrated toward us as your Co-Presidents. You helped to make this rally a success and helped us to know that taking this job was truly God’s will for our lives at this point.

We appreciate all of the officers and the board for helping guide us along and being patient as we learn along with some of them.

We thank Donna Crawford and John and Nancy Janes as they worked hard to learn their new jobs as Secretary and Co-Treasurers. There were some kinks to work out as there always is when new people take over.

Thank you to June Grubb for another outstanding Banner with our theme on it. She always does a wonderful job.

We thank the Wagonmasters and their wives (and the others who came early to volunteer their services) for making the RV parking go smoothly, the electric and water run where it was needed, and the willingness to sit in the hot sun to direct rigs thru the tight intersections of the detour. The wives for the hours of checking people in and welcoming them.

The Refreshment Team went above and beyond to provide water and Gatorade for the hot days before and during the rally.

Thank you to the Morrows for providing our music leadership and for scheduling all of the wonderful special music. Also, Gary for the tech support that made our movie night a success.

Thank you to all of those who provided special music to praise our great God and lift all of our thoughts to Him.

Thank you to those who preached and gave devotionals during the week. All were messages that God spoke thru and blessed us with.

Thank you to those who shared about answered prayer and encouraged us all to prayer more.

Thank you to Linda Ball for bringing cards for us to sign and sending them to those who need them. Also thank you for taking care of the rooms for those who need a place to lay their weary heads at night.

Thank you to Barbara Harpham for leading the Wednesday afternoon prayer time.

Thank you to Stanley and Janet for again providing products for us to purchase. Did you notice the rush for sweatshirts as the temperature dropped on Thursday?

Thank you to the people who take pictures throughout the week and post them on social media for those at home to see.

Thank you to any and every person that did a job that went above and beyond your comfort zone. We may not have noticed nor singled you out but you did it for the Lord and He noticed and in Him are your rewards.

To quote a dear brother “God is good, all the time.”

To quote the Bible “In Him we live, and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28a.

To quote our ending song “God be with us til we meet again.”

Blessings to you all,

Jim and Cheryl Rawlings, Co-President