Baptist Ridge Associational Camp April 26-30, 2021


Dear Missouri Campers on Mission family,

What a great week we had at Warsaw. You guys were amazing. Things were not as we were used to, and we appreciated your kind cooperation. It was wonderful to hear the testimonies, preaching and music. Another week of revival. Don’t know about you, but we needed it. We hope your summer is relaxing and productive. Plan to see you in September on the Hill.

These dates are for your information: National COM rally, June 9-11, 2021 in Du Quoin, IL. Walk-in registration or see the national website for pre-registration. It’s not too late to plan to attend.

MO fall rally---September 20-24, 2021 at Baptist Hill, Mt. Vernon, MO.

Let’s remember that we have been challenged to bring in 2500 Bibles to the fall rally for donation to Love Packages. They do not need to be purchased new. Look around your home, ask church friends to donate unused Bibles. We can do it!!


Attendance: Final numbers came in at 49 rigs and 118 people. Included in the 118 were the members that came for only a day or overnight. We welcomed 6 new members: Bruce and Barbara Clark, Gary Reimer, Kent Burkhardt, Randy and Joyce Osborn. We look forward to knowing each of you better.

We recorded 3466 hours from our timecards. Our offering was $5815 with $3522.50 going to Baptist Ridge and $2292.50 to our COM general fund.

John and Nancy Janes


We had a busy and active week and got much accomplished. We finished over 300 cars. Also we made 4 tables, 6 what not shelves, 16 shelves for the camp; 120 cut out cars (some sanded), 132 marked out cars, 3 crosses and 12 birdhouses around camp. From donations from our items, we were able to collect $511 for Freedom House. Thank you for supporting this very important ministry.

Roger Jeffries

Love Packages: We collected about 8 walkers or canes and about 100 Bibles.

Tom & Sue Wright

Work projects:

Thanks to all that came to Baptist Ridge near Warsaw to work at the rally. Many hands can accomplish much. The new building (the Cherry Cabin) was not finished but a lot was done, slab poured, walls, siding painted and part put on, some insulation put in, plumbed and wired, porch added, roofed, windows installed, septic tank placed in ground and pipe run, ready for sheet rock.

The chapel guttering on north side was removed and eaves repaired then guttering put back. It took a lot of hands and scaffolding to remove and replace the one long piece of guttering. The cross on back was repaired and trim coiled.

A lot of exterior painting done on two buildings (red on redbud cabin and brown on kitchen) and red on siding salvaged from cabin that was torn down, despite the rain. Used other parts on new cabin too leaving blocks to be buried later.

Many leaks from frozen water pipes fixed so could use outside bathrooms and people could use cabins.

The flower garden weeded, bushes trimmed, flowers planted, area mulched and pond cleared of leaves and algae making Freddy and Freida more active.

Many trees trimmed or cut thanks to the chain saw gang. Small limbs and twigs picked up out of yard.

A small porch roof added over back door to kitchen. Some went after a deck to be made into a handicap ramp.

It took all working together and safely to accomplish what the Lord had planned and no rocks rained on anyone (from the quarry blasts). If I forgot to mention something I apologize. Thanks again.

Denny Ball

Sewing room:

God is good! Even though our sewing space was small, He provided everything we needed. We had a total of 34 ladies sewing, tacking and hand quilting.

The camp requested new curtains and valences for the eleven windows in the dining hall and two windows in the new cabin. The ready-made curtains in the men’s (12 windows) and the women’s (14 windows) dorms needed to be re-hemmed to fit the windows. I would like to thank the wagon masters and Steve Whisler for helping with the “unusual” curtain rods in the dorms and John Janes for replacing curtain rods in the dining hall. The wagon masters are greatly appreciated for all they do to set up and dismantle the sewing room at each rally.

We distributed a total of 115 items to:

MBCH at Bridgeton, Peculiar and Mt. Vernon

Freeway Ministries

Freedom House

Salvation Army Family Services, Columbia

Five quilts were designated for auction at the Virtual Strawberry Festival running June 19-26, 2021 (website:

To the people who deliver the quilts and other items to various places, thank you for your generosity and willingness to do so. I appreciate all the work that everyone does to aid the sewing room ministry. Hope to see you in the fall!

Linda Thomas


The numbers of items made by the crafts folks were: 4 yard balls from bowling balls, 10 signs, 6 angels, 2 holy families, 25 dog toys, 9 chimes, 7 pillows, 2 picture frames, 3 crosses, 8 stars, 2 prayer boxes, and 1 toy can. Our sale netted $150 that went back into the COM general fund. We enjoyed working with the craft group and look forward to the next rally.

Wilma Grant & Audine Boehm

Prayer board:

Please continue to lift to the Father the requests that were on our prayer board at the rally: Jared, Donna Crawford’s nephew, in need of a job; the flooded areas; Deb Wonder, cancer; Gerry Dehner, recovery from stroke; Steven Strauss, Laclede DOM, cancer; Ken Kroencke, surgery May 20; James Uptergrove’s mom, Monta, sick with allergies and some confusion; Jennifer Hunter, very sick with no diagnosis yet; the Haddocks’ granddaughter, Madalyn, continuing chemo but is doing well; Paula Fannon, breast cancer surgery on May 4; Bulah Couts, heart valve, 94 and won’t do surgery; Lynn West, foot pain and trouble walking; Rowena’s niece, Angie Davis, bi-polar off med and in home for help; Lowell McKay, medical decision; Stan Davis; Kim Kneedler; Joyce Brown, hives; Darlene Ephland, shingles; Earl and Sharon Gibson’s daughter; Jennifer Dominique, liver cancer; Jane C; Blake Jackson, hit by a train and in a coma. We were notified that Blake had woken up and was improving. PTL.

Donna Crawford helping in Lynn West’s absence

Hospitality report:

The kitchen crew enjoyed a refreshing reunion with each other while feeding up to 119 hungry campers on mission workers at our recent rally in Warsaw. One observer commented that they were amazed that so many of the workers, most of them queens of their own kitchens, could work together for long hours and still enjoy good fellowship. We enjoy the challenges of new kitchens, unexpected types of food and gracious customers who seem to enjoy just about anything the crew invents, or reinvents, to eat. It is always amazing to us that when we need a seldom used ingredient, or a certain sized cooking utensil, at least one crew member remembers that they have that item hidden in their camper. Although the crew works long, tiring hours everyone who comes to the rallies and eats our food make the twice a year event truly joyous and something to look forward to doing. Thank you, campers.

Cheryl Rohrbach & Pat Raines

Ronald McDonald House:

You can always learn something new. Did you know that you can save pop tops from soup or vegetable cans as well as soda cans? You should have seen all the pop tops the McCoys brought in this rally! The folks at RM House received gallons from us. Let’s keep collecting them and make a difference in the lives of so many.

Hank & Liz Nash