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“From Everlasting to Everlasting, You are God” Psalm 90:2 

What goes into making a COM Rally successful? Is it location? Is it attendees? Is it good weather? Is it good food? Is it good fellowship? Is it the making of memories? Is it getting lots of work done? Is it making each other feel needed and wanted? Is it serving the camp and each other? 

Of course, it is all of these things and more. But the one key ingredient is the Presence of God. God the Father and His Holiness, God the Son and His Leadership, and God the Holy Spirit and His Presence. We had all three Persons with us last week. Thank You God, for allowing us to Worship You! 

We had 115 people and 41 rigs at Baptist Hill this time. We really missed those who didn’t get to come. Everyone asks about this one and that one. That is part of what makes this group special. Everyone is appreciated when present and very missed when they can’t attend. 

Please set aside the dates for our Spring Rally, April 22-26. 2024. We will be serving at Hannibal LaGrange University in Hannibal, MO. They are in need of the Crouch dorm remodel and update to prepare to host Super Summer in 2024. We have been asked to come do that remodel. There will be plenty of RV parking and dorm rooms to house everyone. More details will be sent out in the Spring. 

We elected a new Prayer Coordinator at the Rally.  Melissa Musick is taking over that position after Lynn West resigned. Thank you to Lynn for all of the work you did to get the prayer requests out in a timely manner. I’m sure that Melissa will work hard to continue that work. If you want to be added to the prayer chain contact Melissa at or text to 660-679-7421. If you want to send a prayer request use one of those two options also. Melissa would like to hear from you if you think that you are not getting all of the prayer requests. 

Another election was John Jamison to fill the vacancy of Historian left by the passing of Randy Grant. 

The Nominating Committee will be busy between now and April trying to fill all of the positions of those whose terms expire in April, 2024. Please prayerfully consider if you are asked to do a job. God calls and equips but we all know that sometimes we say “yes” and regret it afterwards because we know in our heart that God was not calling.

As usual, the Wagonmasters got everyone parked and set up in fine fashion. Thank you for unloading the COM trailer and for getting all of those containers into the correct places. Thank you to Jerry Nash, who always shows up early to help the President get electricity and water run under the road. Thank you to the Wagonmaster wives for helping with the paperwork and Registration. We couldn’t do it without you. 

A huge thank you to June Grubb for the very meaningful Banner! 

From Denny Ball: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For all the hard work the week of the Rally at Baptist Hill. Many projects were completed (despite the rain) which wouldn't have been completed without YOUR help. 

The deck and handrail cap were replaced on the back of the dining hall (all 236 boards) and it looks great. Also, the 2 decks on the back of the motel units were reinforced and a door adjusted on room #19 and on building #29. Several handrails were built on pavilion steps, and roofs repaired on building #27, Springhill, and the back of the big dorm due to storm damage. Hanging supports were added to some of the suspended ceiling tile in the worship center. Building #6 was torn down after the metal roof and siding was removed and the ground was leveled up. Electricity from Springhill moved to #27 and unhooked from #6, lights replaced in the mule shed and frames built for other lights to be placed. The bathroom stalls were re-anchored in both bathrooms by the kitchen. A retaining wall was built by the manager's house but due to heavy rain and the blocks being too small it fell over but they got it ready to build again. Lots of trees were cut up for firewood from damaged and downed trees due to a storm and brush piles and building #6 scrap cleaned up and burned. The open pavilion by the kitchen was straightened, braced, painted and broken concrete corner reinforced. Some fences around propane tanks were repaired and some gravel repair work done on the road. Again, without YOU, all this would not have been accomplished.  Appreciate all of you. Denny Ball 

From Linda Thomas: There was a total of 28 women involved in sewing activities: 22 at sewing machines and 6 at the tacking tables. There was no hand quilting done at this rally. 

Items distributed were as follows: 83 quilts; 1 set crocheted baby items (dress, hat, diaper cover, booties and blanket); 3 crocheted afghans (lap size); 2 pillows; 20 knitted scarves. 

In the future, please do not bring quilt tops that were purchased at flea markets, garage sales, etc., or that have been given to you as a donation. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, but due to the increasing cost of quilting supplies, we will be tacking or machine quilting tops made by COM members only. Also, please put your name, date and quilt dimensions on any of your quilt tops that you bring to the rally. If you have questions, please call or text Linda Thomas (417-846-3120) Thank you. 

From Wilma Grant: The crafters made 35 Necklaces, 45 Pair of Earrings, 43 Dolls, 100 Jump Ropes, 79 Bears, 41 Prescription Bottle Fishing Kits, 12 Dog Toys, and 2 Gazing Balls. Some were sold and others went for shoe boxes. All proceeds go to Freedom House. 

The Woodshop: 470 cars made it to the Chapel. 69 are going to Arizona. Dean McArthur took 125 with him. Leroy Slater and Dean took 400 in various stages to complete. All in all, it was a very good week. Thank you to all who worked in the Woodshop and a big thank you to Ellis Lambert who gave us 400 cars that were ready for wheels and axles. Also thank you to Robert Simpson who brought a side table, Christmas ornaments and sewing ruler holders. All proceeds from these items went to Freedom House. 

From Cheryl Rohrbach and Pat Raines: Thank you for stepping up and providing the food committee with such a plentiful variety of homemade breads this year. We enjoyed two lunches, 2 biscuit and gravy breakfasts, an afternoon of various cobblers, in addition to our regular snacks…in other words, we ate and ate and ate. We are asking you to check the Spring Newsletter to find out what we will need. As you know, we have a new exciting opportunity for the next rally, but we are uncertain how the kitchen group will tackle the new situation. Stay tuned for the Spring Letter! 

Somehow the longest list of rally accomplishments always come from the 2 guys that take care of all of us. Their report is always 2 pages long! What did we do before Larry Morgan and Dave Raines formed their own Maintenance committee? They have probably saved the group $$$$$ over the years. I am going to sum up their work list: They worked on 10 Campers: slides, wiring, steps, water valves, awnings, air conditioners, furnaces, emergency chains, roof. They worked on 5 Trucks: dash lights, air bags, headlights, replaced fuses, ran out of diesel. Work was done on the COM trailer. Worked on the fuel system for a side by side. Repaired a shoe with a hole in it. And last but not least, fixed a sewing lady’s chair. 

Thank you to Tom and Sue Wright for delivering 3170 Bibles plus literature to Love Packages. Keep bringing them. 

There was a gray sweatshirt with a Versailles logo on it that was left at the rally. If it belongs to you contact Pat Raines to get it back. 816-628-6791 

May God be with you until we meet again. 

Jim and Cheryl Rawlings