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Campers On Mission

Campers On Mission Spring 2024 Post-Rally Newsletter 

“He Leads Me” 

April 22-26, 2024 

Hannibal LaGrange University 

Hannibal, MO

3000+ work hours were put in by the 89 participants at our Spring Rally. That is an amazing amount of volunteer hours that were spent at Hannibal LaGrange University. So much was accomplished but there is so much more that needs to be accomplished. That is why we have a written invitation from Dr Matz to come back for our Spring 2025 Rally. 

As we planned this 2024 Spring Rally we knew that it was going to be somewhat different. First, we have never worked at a University before, especially one that had limited electrical resources for campers to plug into. Second, we were going to have limited kitchen facilities for both the kitchen crew and the area Churches who would be feeding us the evening meal. Third, our Worship area was a challenge that left us wondering if we could fit everyone in. But as always, God went before us. He provided electric hookups at the last minute at very minimum cost. Our kitchen crew stepped up and provided most all of the same snacks at break time that we always have. (We did have to give up our Tuesday Morning Biscuits and Gravy because there was no stove available.) Our evening meals were brought in and enjoyed by all with the exception of Wednesday evening. Immanuel Baptist Church asked us to join in their regular Wednesday evening dinner at their church. The University provided bus transportation for us and we ate and returned for our regular worship time. This all makes for a less daunting task of returning to HLGU next Spring.

The construction crews saw the Crouch Dorm get a makeover in half of the building. Much of the crude shelving and desks were removed and replaced with wardrobes and free-standing desks. Painting was done, new ceiling tiles installed, carpet tiles installed and new base put down. The Resident Director’s apartment was painted and new laminate flooring installed. All of the bathrooms were updated. There were other areas of this building that had a wall removed, painting done and carpet installed. This was a priority job because it is needed for Super Summer and for increased Fall Semester enrollment.

A second dorm, Pullium, had a flooding problem that required the first floor to be gutted and bathrooms updated and increased, dorm rooms gutted and new sheetrock installed. This was more than a weeks work and our guys were able to get the demolition done and begin to rebuild. There is another group coming next month who will continue that project and hopefully have it ready for Fall Semester also. A large dying tree next to this dorm was cut down and hauled off. 

There were a total of 28 women working in the sewing room - 20 at sewing machines and 8 (on a rotating basis) at the tacking table. There was no hand quilting done at this rally. All items were distributed in the Hannibal area as follows: The Baptist Home at Vandalia - 6 Lap Quilts, 2 Afghans, 11 Fidget mats Options for Women - 12 Baby Quilts, 1 Fleece Blanket, 1 Afghan Harvest Outreach - 19 Twin size Quilts, 1 Fleece Blanket (Child) Beth Haven Nursing Home - 10 Mid-size Quilts, 3-12”square pillows Fundraiser for Cyndi Parsons Kilby, Hannibal Resident involved in car accident requiring multiple surgeries - 2 Quilts for Auction A total of 68 items were donated as our offering of love. James 2:17 says, “Faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” 

The Woodworking Group was able to produce 338 Cars and Trucks for Shoeboxes. They also had a cute rustic bench that was admired by many. 

Crafters were busy bees also. They made 20 Potato Bead Necklaces, 3 Bracelets, 40 Pendant Necklaces, 3 decorated Crosses, 3 Safety Pin Bracelets, 52 Pair Earrings, 3 Thread catchers, 5 Sun Catchers, 10 Steering Wheel Protectors, 10 Candle jars, 4 Storage Jars, Dog Toys, 2 Bowl Cozies, and 4 pillows. 

We have a report from the Bibles collected for Love Packages. There were 7,727 Bibles delivered to Love Packages on April 24 from COM. Keep them coming. 

Our offering total came to $9321. We had voted to divide the undesignated offering, giving 75% to HLGU and keeping $25% for COM. So it was split $7577.50 to HLGU and $1743.50 to COM. We collected $627 for Freedom House from the sale of Crafts and Woodworking.

One more item of information: there is a missing ruler from the sewing room. If you happened to make it home with a 24” yellow Omnigrid ruler will you please let Linda Thomas know. 417-846-3120.

As we prepare for the Fall Rally we would appreciate having any updates of your addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Please email them to We will be preparing a new COM address list to hand out in the fall. 

Now to finish out this Post-rally Newsletter we want to share the letter we received from HLGU: 

Dear Campers on Mission, Thank you for your gift of $7,577.50. This was placed in our general operating fund. You are a great blessing and encouragement to HLGU students, faculty, and staff as you give. 

You are having a positive impact as you provide for a relevant, Biblically anchored education which will transform the lives of our students and the communities they will serve in. Because of you, HLGU students will experience teaching from a Biblical worldview, have renovated dorm spaces to live in, and be challenged to have a community mindset for service to others. 

I am grateful for your generosity in time, labor, and funds to Hannibal LaGrange University. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Dr. Robert J. Matz, Ph. D. President 

Save the dates: September 16-20, 2024 Cedar Crest Camp, Santa Fe, MO 


Jim and Cheryl Rawlings