Gasconade Valley Baptist Association Camp April 25-29, 2022

“WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE" Revelation 21:3-4

Dear Missouri Campers on Mission family,

Every rally has its own personality, as did this one. There were some challenges with space and weather, but everyone worked together to make another successful rally resulting in wonderful improvements to the camp. To God be the glory. We were excited to meet, work, worship, and fellowship alongside the new DOM Trent Young and wife Dana. Trent has a vision for the camp which should result in greater use and therefore more children and adults coming to know the Lord as Savior. We look forward to hearing what God is doing here and are thankful that God allowed us to use our gifts to help.

We welcome some changes to the leadership for Missouri COM and anticipate the ideas they have for us going forward. Thank you for being so encouraging to John and me, and we know you will do the same for the Rawlings.

We will once again be on the Hill in September. See you in Mt. Vernon.


Here are some dates that you may want to put on your calendar:

National COM rally, June 7-9, 2022 at the North Florida Fairgrounds, Tallahassee, FL. Walk-in registration or see the national website for pre-registration. It’s not too late to plan to attend.

MO fall rally---September 19-23, 2022 at Baptist Hill, Mt. Vernon, MO.

We have been challenged to bring in 10,000 Bibles to the fall rally for donation to Love Packages. Look around your home and church, or ask church friends to donate used Bibles. They do not need to be purchased new, however if you would like to, donations for purchasing Bibles may be directed to John Thomas (816-778-4080). Any other questions, call Charles Grubb (573-406-3021).


Attendance: This rally we had 41 rigs and 103 people. We enjoyed visits from RuthAnne and Jim McCoy, Ruth Cowan, and Faye and Elmer Robertson. Welcome to these new members: Linda Barnes, Chad and Sherry Dyke, Rob and Melissa Musick, and Chuck and Ann Shaw.

We recorded 3196 hours from our timecards. Our offering was $7318.00 with $5913.50 going to GVBA Camp and $1404.50 to our COM general fund. John and Nancy Janes

Woodworking: (175 hours recorded)

We had a busy and active week and got much accomplished. We had 79 finished cars remaining after selling over 600. There are 400 cars in various stages. Donations from our items resulted in $1115 for Freedom House. Thank you for supporting this very important ministry. Roger Jeffries

Love Packages: We delivered 1,666 Bibles, lots of church material, 4 walkers, 2 ½ sets of crutches, 2 small boxes of eyeglasses and some medical supplies. This brings our total to 18,034 Bibles as of the end of our spring rally. We continue toward the fall rally and want to encourage everyone to continue praying and gathering Bibles for September. Let us not be tempted to believe that we have done enough or that the need has been met as there are still millions out there without having a Bible of their own to read. Let’s continue to pray and gather and be watching to see how God is going to bless. Thank you everyone for all you do. God loves you and we do too. Charles Grubb Tom & Sue Wright

Work projects: (1069 hours recorded)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work that was accomplished during the week of the spring rally at Gasconade Valley Associational Camp. Many hands accomplished much. I won’t mention names specifically as I might miss someone. Despite the rain, the kitchen/dining room/worship center got almost all the old oak siding removed, insulation installed, 20 of the 22 windows installed and 3 to be removed and replaced by other 2 new ones, metal siding put on except for half on the very front. It looks great!! Some shoveled up blown-in insulation into trash bags that fell out when siding was removed-very helpful! Nails pulled out of old siding and picked up. Some framed in window cavities and put in paneling, windows cleaned, stickers removed, valances replaced. The new building was framed up, metal put on one side, windows installed, roof put on and electric wiring installed. Thank you to all who stayed another week to try to get finished!

Denny Ball

Sewing room: (682 hours recorded)

The sewing group was given the use of the gymnasium at FBC Bland where 15 sewed, 5 tacked, and 4 hand quilted for the week. Three ladies opted to stay at camp to sew and two people made curtains for the dining hall and one of the dorms. There were 29 people involved in sewing room activities. A total of 41 quilts/afghans were distributed to various places. Two of the quilts were sent to the Strawberry festival for auction. Adult clothing protectors have been sent to the Baptist Homes at Ironton and Ozark. Thanks to those who delivered the bags of quilts to their destinations and to the wagon masters for their help in unloading and loading our sewing room necessities at the church. A special thanks goes to the kitchen crew for the snacks they prepared daily for us to take to FBC Bland. Your kindness is appreciated.

Linda Thomas

Crafts: (136 hours recorded)

The numbers of items made by the crafts folks were: 42 flowerpots, 5 stuffed rabbits, 1 stuffed cow, 25 painted witness rocks, 18 dog toys, and 3 pillows. We enjoyed working with the craft group and look forward to the next rally.

Wilma Grant & Audine Boehm

Prayer board: Please continue to lift to the Father the requests that were on our prayer board at the rally: Sandy Hunter (fell while attending rally); Bill Jameson (surgery during rally week); Nellie Jeffries (back); Matt Reichert & Dustin Jeffries (Roger and Nellie’s grandsons); Phil Rector, former GVBA DOM (surgery during rally week); Jason Romeo, Rowena’s friend (spots on lungs); Justin Romeo, (MS) and is caregiver for Jason; Don Dehner (stress test); Jim McCoy (hip replacement May 18); Brad and wife from NC, she had biopsy possible thyroid cancer; Robert & Stacy Chapmen family; Robert Chapmen’s mother (cancer); Rowena’s friend Emma Culpepper (loss of baby); family of Carol, Chad Dyke’s aunt who passed away; FBC Bland as they search for a new pastor; wisdom for Terry Hogan; Amanda Reid, daughter of Chad and Sherry Dyke (moles removed); Glenda Tumbleson (health and loss of Wayne); Bob Wallace (thyroid surgery); David Parrish (constant back pain); Ruth Cowan (poison oak); Janet Casady (pinched nerve in back); Stanley Casady (heart rehab); Charles Grubb (shoulder surgery rehab).

Barbara Harpham, helping in Lynn West’s absence

Refreshment report: (463 hours recorded) We had an uplifting and inspirational time at our recent COM meeting. For one thing, the food brought in by the local churches was wonderful! We got to sample new dishes and eat a variety of food. Meeting people from the various churches was fun, too. Also, we got to try out new dishes of our own making such as fried pies and you must have liked them. There were none left. We also enjoyed the fellowship and prayer times within our group and even were blessed with the return of some friends who had been missing because of illnesses. We fed the ladies sewing at the Bland church in addition to feeding everyone working at the camp. We are looking forward to reuniting in September. Cheryl Rohrbach & Pat Raines

RV/vehicle repair, etc.… (90 hours recorded)

The following items received attention: Trailer convertor; antenna; water inside trailer; 2 awnings; furnace; checked battery; adjusted brakes; car heater; door on motorhome; taillights; trailer/truck brakes; hot water heater; water leak; fuel filter in truck; truck intake; tail gate.

Larry Morgan, David Raines, & Gary Reimer

Other hours were recorded for music (40); cleaning (58); administration (134); tree trimming (103-Lindy and crew); wagon masters (176); painting (25); other (85).

Here is a list of what Trent saw happening this week:

Trim on cabin doors to stop rot; curtain sewn and hung in dining hall and curtains in one cabin; kitchen cleaned and organized; tool shed cleaned and organized; block party trailer cleaned and organized; flowers planted; windows replaced on dining hall; siding on dining hall ¾ done; insulation installed in dining hall; shop framed and metal; dirt work done; drain put in around dining hall; drain lines put in for volleyball; culvert put in north end of RV park; trees trimmed and some taken down; camp mowed and weed eated; limbs picked up around camp; replaced worn electric lines in dining hall; light fixture outside dining hall replaced; replaced light fixtures above garage and back porch; covered up fan in kitchen; well pressure increased; bookshelves moved; one old cabin taken down and burned (men from Owensville, FBC

Ronald McDonald House: Don’t forget that you can save pop tops from soup or vegetable cans as well as soda cans. Let’s keep collecting them and make a difference in the lives of so many. Hank & Liz Nash +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We voted to appoint a by-laws committee to review and suggest updates to our by-laws. The trailer committee is going to investigate the possibility of building a shed for the trailer. The group approved a onetime split of the regular offering 75% camp, 25% operating funds. Included below is a list of our officers, newly elected ones are highlighted.

Co-presidents: Jim & Cheryl Rawlings

Co-vice presidents: Denny & Linda Ball

Secretary: Donna Crawford

Co-treasurers: John & Nancy Janes

Wagon masters: VC & Vickie Cunningham, James & Rowena Uptergrove, John & Louise Thomas, Gary & Linda Thomas, Jerry Nance (honorary), Roger & Dee Marshall, and Marvin & Cheryl Rohrbach

Board members: Kenny Clause, Charles Grubb, Bill Jameson, Jerry Haddock, Rex Minor


Crafts: Wilma Grant & Audine Boehm

Refreshments: Cheryl Rohrbach & Pat Raines

Historical: Randy Grant

Sewing: Linda Thomas

Woodworking: Roger Jeffries

Hospitality: Lindy Hamlin

Publicity: John Jamison

Music: Gary Morrow

Piano: Marilyn Morrow & Alice Morton

Nominating Committee: VC Cunningham, Mark Harpham, Liz Nash