April 2017

Missouri Campers on Mission Spring Rally 2017

Gasconade Valley Baptist Association

Bland, MO

April 24-28, 2017

Theme: Heaven's Jubilee

Scripture: Phillipians 3:20-21

Things we were able to do between rain storms:

Pull RVs out of the mud

Put metal roof on large dining hall

Put metal roofs on two girl's dorms and the boy's shower house

Repair threshold on doorway to girl's dorm and boys' dorm and build awning over doorways.

Prepare and pour concrete for new pavillion

Prepare and pour concrete for walkways around boy's dorm

Paint interior of girl's shower house

Put up soffit and fascia on large dining hall and kitchen

Remove existing cabinet and build shelves in kitchen

Some trail work and brush cutting

FBC - Bland: Some painting, electrical work, repair interior ceiling leaks