Missouri Campers on Mission Fall Rally

September 19-23, 2022

Baptist Hill Assembly, Mount Vernon, MO

“Oh Lord, Our Lord, How Majestic is Your Name” Psalms 8:1

Jim and Cheryl Rawlings Missouricom2018@gmail.com 573-406-3809/573-406-2589

We don’t know about everyone else, but this has been one of the fastest summers on record for us. It has been busy with normal activities but we have been so afraid we would forget to do something in preparation for the fall rally. Let’s just say if all goes well it is because of God being in it. If it doesn’t go well then it is all our fault. We have had plenty of encouragement and offers of assistance. All of that is appreciated. So, this is our first attempt of a Pre-rally newsletter: Here goes…

Directions to Baptist Hill Assembly: 9519 SSR-V, Mount Vernon, MO 65712.

From Springfield: I44 take exit 46 onto I44 Business Loop toward Mount Vernon. Turn right on East Mount Vernon Blvd. Hwy 39 North 1.2mi turn right onto S Spring Park Blvd Hwy 39 North .3mi turn left onto W Sloan St, Rt V 3.9mi the destination is on your left. Use back gate entrance

From Joplin: I44 East to Exit 44. Turn left on Bus. I44 to Hwy 39 North. Turn left. Go .3mi turn left on Hwy V. Camp is 3.5miles on left. Use back gate entrance

Arrival Time: Your wagon masters will be preparing on Friday for Saturday arrivals. You are welcome to come ANY TIME on Saturday. Sunday arrivals begin at noon.

RV Facilities: We will have electricity, water, and a central disposal for sewer. PLEASE PLAN TO BRING PLENTY OF YOUR OWN WATERHOSES AND WATER Y’S to connect to the water supply.

Housing: There will be rooms available the week of the rally. Several have already let me know they want a room. For motel rooms you will need double bed sheets and other buildings will be twin. I have to check with Jim and will let you know where you will be as he may have a group coming or leaving over the weekend. Bring pillows, sheets, toiletries, towels, food for breakfast and lunch, a refrigerator will be available in the dining room so mark your items. Supper will be provided each night Monday-Friday. Call if have questions at 417-846-3816. Linda Ball

Registration: You will receive Registration Packets as you arrive. Please return them by Monday morning Chapel. Direct any questions to the Wagon Masters’ wives who will be on duty from 10-4 Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday. The Wagon Masters will direct you to where they will be set up. There will also be a box in the Chapel on Sunday and Monday to drop your forms. Please remember that your liability and health forms MUST be signed before you can work on Monday morning.

Meals: The evening meal on Saturday will be a Cowboy Stew/Chili cookoff. If you are willing to cook a large pot of Cowboy Stew or Chili, please let Gary Morrow know before the rally twomorrows74@aol.com or 660-815-3235. Bring your own drinks and chairs. Table service and bowls will be provided. Desserts would be welcome also. This will take place at 6pm to the east of the RV park.

Tuesday morning the Hospitality Crew will serve Biscuits and Gravy.

Meals will be provided each evening by area churches. On Tuesday at noon the Cassville Baptist Church 55+ group is providing lunch as they did last year.

Camp Work Projects: Looking forward to working together to make a difference at Baptist Hill in September. Hope you all are also looking forward to working together. Here are the main projects:

  1. Remove the old deck off motel unit 1, replacing it and adding a roof over the deck.

  2. Replacing the siding on the administration building

  3. Replacing the siding on the manager’s house

  4. Bracing the pavilion between the dining room and the worship center.

These are the main repair projects. Come prepared to have a good time for many hands make light work. Denny Ball

Crafts: Crafts would like donations of items for fishing kits for the shoe boxes, fishing line, sewing machine bobbins, weights/sinkers, floats-corks/bobbers. Hooks (average size), lures (artificial bate) jigs, swivels. Remember this all goes into a small container. Large medicine bottles or ache and pain cream containers. Also, small items for mint container cans (small animals, girl stuff) medium to small terracotta flowerpots. See you at camp Wilma & Audine

Woodworking: “God is good, all the time!” And this crew will “start slow and then taper off”. Praise God for this growing group of workers. They reach all over the world.

Sewing Room: The Dining Hall at Baptist Hill will not be available until after 12:00 noon on Sunday, September 18th. I am requesting that you DO NOT put any of your sewing items in the Dining Hall until 3:00 pm or later. This will allow the Wagon Masters time to unload our sewing room storage totes and for us to set up the sewing room. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions, please call or text me at 417-846-3120. Linda Thomas

Refreshments: This is from the food (refreshment) committee. Please re-extend our biannual invitation to let any campers who wish to share a special "treat" on Wednesday afternoon. This does not necessarily have to be just baked goods. The only caveat is that our committee would like to know by the first week of September if anyone feels led to do this. We will help buy the ingredients and will be available to help make/bake anything they want to prepare. This invitation is open to both men and women. If no one has a suggestion, Pat Raines will again make her wonderful cobblers. In that scenario, we will need apples, blueberries, blackberries, cherries or any other fruit anyone would like to contribute. Pat needs a minimum of 2-3 quarts worth of any fruit to be used per cobbler. In addition, we would be grateful for homemade breads, cookies, chips, vegetable, etc. that the campers would like to contribute. If someone wants to showcase something they have canned or made (like jams, jellies, salsa, et cetera), we would be happy to receive that too. Since we will be at Baptist Hill, we will NOT need donations of any paper goods because they want us to use what the camp

has, thus reducing the amount of money they have to spend for additional trash pickups. Campers have gotten much better about bringing cups with their own names on them which also reduces the amount to trash andwe would encourage them to continue that. Cheryl and Pat

Music: Anyone wanting to do special music during the rally please come prepared. No need to call ahead. Check with Gary Morrow when you arrive.

Love Packages: Our Fall Rally is now just weeks away. We are looking forward to it and we trust you are too and will be able to attend and enjoy the fellowship and activities. We sure have a great time together.

Just a reminder to bring your church literature and all the Bibles you have for us to take to Love Packages. We will be bringing a box trailer to make the haul. We have had another excellent year on our Bible drive for Love Packages.

Please use boxes NO LARGER than medium size as some of us older ones have been off the Popeye spinach for awhile. MARK your Bible count on the box if you can or we can count them when we load them.

I have had some health problems, have taken an interim church pastorate, and would like to slow down. If any of you would be interested in taking this project on please let me, or Jim and Cheryl, know. Blessings, Charles Grubb

Ronald McDonald House: Hank and Liz Nash collect tabs from aluminum cans for this ministry. Bring any you may have and give to them.

At the Spring Rally Business Meeting it was voted to appoint a By-Laws committee to review and make recommendations for any By-Laws changes. Their recommendations are below. We will vote on these at the Thursday evening business meeting.

COM By-Law Changes and Additions

Article III Membership

Membership in the organization shall consist of those persons of all denominations who indicate an interest in the stated purpose of the organization. Attendance at a rally is required to become a member. Voting membership shall be limited to those persons who are actively participating in the opportunities offered by the organization. Within a period of three years, if members do not attend a rally, a mission trip, or contact the president of this chapter, their names will be removed from the membership list. No dues for membership shall be required of any members. Funds to operate the Missouri Campers on Mission chapter shall be obtained from an offering taken at each rally or by individual gifts. All members and officers are self-supported missionaries working without any expectation of reimbursements or income.

Article VII—Duties of the Officers

Section 3. Secretary

The Secretary shall record and maintain a record of all business meetings, maintain a file of all official correspondence of COM, retain a list of all members with addresses, E-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Section 4. Treasurer

Fourth line in paragraph that begins Canceled checks. Change to A bank statement

Article VIII—Teams and Duties

I. Merchandise: The Merchandise Leader will order, maintain, and sell COM items such as decals, emblems, nametags, caps, shirts, etc., at the Missouri COM rallies. A record shall be kept of inventory ordered, inventory in stock, inventory sold, and the funds collected. The record shall be submitted to the Treasurer at the close of each rally.

J. Woodworking: The Woodworking Leader will oversee organizing and leading the woodworking area.

K. RV and Vehicle Maintenance: The RV and Maintenance Leader will oversee leading and organizing this service.